Genex Window Factory – The Best Window Replacement Warren MI Has to Offer

Upgrading windows boosts your home’s value, cuts energy bills and lowers carbon emissions. Besides, it reduces draftiness and improves the visual appeal of your property.

Ask each window company about warranty fees, labor costs and permit expenses. Also, check the type of framing materials it uses. For instance, aluminum, vinyl and fiberglass offer different benefits.

Awning Windows

Awning windows are a great way to let fresh air into your home, even when it’s raining. They feature a single sash with no divider, which provides unobstructed views and optimizes sunlight intake. Plus, they are easy to open and close using a crank handle. This window type is also energy efficient and offers good protection against rain and snow.

If you’re thinking about replacing your old windows with awning windows, look for a local contractor that specializes in this style of window. For example, Martino Home Improvement is a three-generation family business that serves homeowners in Warren and the surrounding areas. Its professionals install new and replacement windows based on their clients’ specifications. They can work with standard, vinyl, bay and bow, double-hung, and sliding windows. They can also repair and replace doors, awnings, and storm windows. Their service motto is “Large enough to trust, small enough to care.” They also offer free estimates and warranties.

Sliding Windows

Located in Warren, Michigan, Genex Window Factory is one of the region’s leading windows companies. It offers homeowners a wide selection of decorative and functional windows, including double- and single-hung casements, bay and bow, and sliders. It also offers window repair and installation services. Its service motto is “large enough to trust, small enough to care”.

Homeowners in Warren may consider sliding windows for their large window openings or if they want a more spacious view. These windows are easy to open and close, allowing a breeze to flow through the room. They are also energy efficient, providing an airtight seal.

However, since these windows are often installed in areas of the house that are difficult to reach, they require frequent cleaning and lubrication. They are also prone to gathering dirt, which can cause them to lose their energy efficiency. As a result, homeowners should opt for other window designs if ease of maintenance is a priority.

Casement Windows

If you want unobstructed views and ample sunlight, casement windows are a good choice. They crank open from the right or left side with hardware that tucks away into a recessed trim. This makes them a perfect fit for kitchens and dining rooms. They also offer a wide range of window sizes and styles.

Some homeowners experience problems with double-hung windows, which have a horizontal meeting rail that obstructs their view of the outside. Their outer window panes can be difficult to clean in some brands, and their lower sashes may refuse to stay up over time.

Martino Home Improvement offers decorative and functional window options for homeowners in Warren. Its team of experts installs window types like double-hung, bow and bay, and sliding windows. Its products include energy-efficient Low-E coatings and argon gas insulation. The company is certified by the Environmental Protection Agency and Energy Star and supports charities like St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Double-Hung Windows

With sashes that can be tilted inward or removed, double-hung windows make cleaning easier. This makes them ideal for upper floors of a home, where getting to the window can be challenging. They’re also safer for kids than single-hung windows, and you can open the top sash to air out your house when it’s too hot or humid outside.

A reputable company will have extensive product ranges, comprehensive warranty coverage and reasonable quotes. It should also have good customer feedback, and be able to answer questions about energy efficiency.

A three-generation family business that serves homeowners in Warren, Martino Home Improvement offers custom wood, vinyl and aluminum doors and windows. Its services include enlarging openings, cutting-in windows, and constructing door walls. Its wood, fiberglass and aluminum windows come in different finishes, sizes and shapes. Its wooden windows are made of oak and birch, while its fiberglass and aluminum windows are manufactured in-house. They’re available in a variety of colors and can be customized to match the client’s needs.