Replacing Doors in Different Styles in Your Home

Door styles Warren MI

Replacing doors in your home is more than just a cosmetic improvement. New doors provide increased energy efficiency, safety, and communication.

Iron doors Warren MI are very aesthetically pleasing and strong, which means you can rest assured knowing your home is safe and secure. Kosin’s Glass located in Warren can help you choose designs, styles and hardware for your bathroom shower enclosures and glass doors.


Traditional homes can blend with a number of different styles and may not be easily classified into any one style. Look for a mix of classic shapes and modern, streamlined details, including low-slung eaves, clean lines and crisp angles. Often, these homes have subtle connections to nature and may use farmhouse textures and neutral hues.

Choosing a door color to match your home’s current palette is crucial for creating unity and establishing a cohesive look. Therma-Tru offers doors in a wide range of wood tones, from warm reds to cool beiges. Or, you can choose a bold color to stand out. If you have a Victorian-style house, for example, Clopay’s carriage house doors complement the historical feel of this style with their ornate windows.


Replacing a door is more than just a visual enhancement, it’s an investment in your home’s security, energy efficiency and communication of style. The team at ABC Door Company LLC works with both residential and commercial clients to install a wide variety of doors. Their services include garage door installation and repairs, as well as scissor gate applications and fire-rated doors. They also handle storefront and curtain wall glazing projects. Their technicians provide professional and courteous service at affordable prices.


Your entryway door makes a major statement for your home. It can be a focal point for your overall aesthetic, especially if you have a craftsman style house or are designing one that reflects the Arts and Crafts movement.

Craftsman style doors are traditionally made of wood. They can have glass on only the upper one-third of the door or be adorned with vertical panels that cover the rest of it. These doors are popular for bungalows, cottages, and prairie-style homes.

Unlike traditional front doors, craftsman doors typically include a dentil shelf underneath the set of panels, which gives it an artsy feel and adds more dimension. They can also feature sidelites, which are narrow windows that run the length of a door on either side of it.


A barn door is a beautiful focal point in any home, and it doesn’t have to slide. TruStile can build most doors to be hung with hinges instead of sliding, which makes them perfect for a pantry or other applications where space savings are important. Knotty alder or rustic planks are great for farmhouse style, and you can create a modern look by choosing a solid door with horizontal design elements or by adding glass. French styling features floral motifs, plastered walls, and wrought iron accents, so a panelled barn door in a rich wood will coordinate well. Bohemian decor includes woven and macrame accents, patterned textiles, and eclectic pieces.

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron, meaning “worked iron”, is a tough, malleable form of iron that was forged or rolled by hand as opposed to cast iron which is poured in molds. Wrought iron, which is low in carbon and up to 2% slag, has a grain-like appearance, is strong, ductile, corrosion resistant, and can be forge welded to itself and other materials.

In addition to its decorative use, wrought iron was used for structural applications including latticework, railings, doors, gates, windows, lamps, grilles, and hardware. It can be distinguished from steel by throwing long red sparks, a characteristic that is inherited from the slag incorporated in the material. The slag fibers can also be seen in the with-grain tensile specimen of a wrought iron plate girder from a demolished railway bridge shown in Fig. 14.2.