Buying Windows in Warren MI

Buying windows in Warren MI can be a big decision. They can change the way your home looks, increase your comfort and help save money on energy bills.

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Fogged-Up Panes

Foggy windows can make your home feel stuffy and unwelcoming. They can also be difficult to see through. It’s important to know the causes of these problems so you can fix them.

One common cause of a window becoming foggy is the seals breaking down. This can cause energy-efficient gasses to leak out of the window and humid outdoor air to get in between the glass. This will make the windows fog up and have a streaky, cloudy appearance.

It’s important to have good air circulation in your home, especially in winter. Opening your doors and windows can help improve the flow of air. Using a dehumidifier can also help eliminate moisture and vapor from the room. You can also try drilling a small hole in the top of the window (if possible without cracking the frame) and using a drain snake or hanger wrapped with pantyhose to clean the window. However, if the seals have broken down completely, you’ll need to replace the IGU or the whole window.

Damaged Frames

A broken window frame can affect the appearance of a home and its efficiency. It may also allow unwanted guests to enter your property. Whether your frame is rotting, insect-infested or has moisture build-up, your contractor will recommend replacing it.

CHELSEA, Mich. — Madonna Watts was scrolling through Facebook when she saw a unique piece of art made of broken glass on an antique window. It spoke to her, a nurse who worked in a facility prevalent with COVID-19 cases.

Watts reached out to the artist, who is a member of her Planet Fitness gym in Dexter. She asked Warren Price to make her a flower-shaped frame for an old window. The process takes hours. It starts with Price sanding and staining the glass. Then he breaks the bottles and places them carefully on the window in a design he’s created. The glass cures for several hours while Price goes back and forth over the window with a propane torch.

Leaky Seals

Leaky windows are a major problem for homeowners, as they can lead to rotted window frames, water damage to walls and other areas of the house, and even higher energy bills. These leaks can be due to age, poor installation, or material used in the construction of the window.

The best way to avoid leaking windows is by investing in quality windows that are designed to seal tightly and not require resealing. However, if you already have leaky windows, it’s important to fix them as soon as possible to protect your home from moisture and other problems.

If you have a double or triple-paned window, and you see water collecting in between the panes, this is an indication that the glass seal has ruptured. This can be fixed by applying clear caulking around the seams. However, you may want to consult a professional to determine if a replacement is needed.

Low-E Glass

A window with low-e glass contains a thin coating that helps reduce energy loss and maintain indoor temperatures. This can significantly lower heating and cooling costs year-round. It also helps eliminate the annoying habit of pesky family members fiddling with the thermostat from November to March.

Low-e windows also protect furnishings from harmful UV rays, which can fade fabrics and rugs over time. Choosing windows with soft-coat Low-E film and combining it with warm-edge spacer bars and argon gas-filled cavities increases energy efficiency even more.

Investing in low-e glass windows can improve the value of your home and save you money on utility bills. Plus, they’re environmentally friendly and meet Energy Star requirements, which can lead to rebates or tax credits in your area. Talk to your window manufacturer/dealer about the different types of energy efficient windows and what works best for your climate zone. They can also advise you on other energy-saving features, such as double-glazed windows or the use of Argon gas between panes.